Warranty and maintenance service 

       Drilling rigs service is one of the most important business areas of “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding”. “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” offers a full range of drilling equipment services from training specialists of drilling companies on equipment maintenance during its operation to forming service divisions and spare parts warehouses in the main oil and gas producing regions of Russia.



The main types of services rendered by the technical service department of “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” LLC:

·warranty service of equipment;

·maintenance of the drilling rigs mechanical equipment, operated at fields;

·repair and check of blow-out prevention equipment;

·operation supervising, operation time logging and planning;

·maintenance of the drilling rig imported equipment: top drive systems, cleaning systems, drilling tongs;

·steam- water supply (maintenance of boiler houses, preparation for the heating season);

·corrosion preventive treatment of the drilling rigs metal structures;

·industrial expert review and diagnostics;

·current and emergency repair of drilling equipment in regions;


·power service, power generation, maintenance of variable-frequency drives and automated control systems;

·contract supervision, assembly and  engineering setup of new equipment;

·subsequent contract supervision and engineering setup of the installed equipment;

·derrick installation and building;

·supply of original spare parts and accessories;

·logistic support of drilling and service companies through the network of regional stores within the framework of complex service projects;

·service training for drilling companies personnel on operation and maintenance of modern  Russian drilling equipment;

·upgrading of obsolete drilling equipment. 


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