“Keeping up the traditions -
                                                            we create the future»                

          Founded in June 2010, “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” LLC consolidated the engineering and production capacities of МC «Uralmash» and CJSC URBO. The enterprises being earlier a part of OMZ group – “Uralmash-Engineering” and “Uralmash – Techservice” - also merged into the holding. In 2013, the engineering and production capacities of “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” were joined by the following companies: OAO Neftemash Petroleum Machinery Plant, OJSC “Plant of Modular and Complete Devices” and ООО “Neftegazengineering”.

          The possibilities of “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” allow to design and produce up-to-date drilling rigs of all types, a wide range of oil and gas modular and complete equipment, and also to render the complete package of services.

      The key objective of the holding business is to supply to customers modern, high-efficiency drilling rigs in the strict compliance with contracts terms and conditions, to render a wide range of the best quality technical services to the clients. The drilling rigs of “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” are traditionally designed for operation in the most extreme conditions, and so surpass most international analogs as per their reliability and durability during construction of wells in the Far North.

        Today “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” produces the following types of drilling rigs and equipment:

• Mobile drilling rigs of 160 - 200 tons load capacity (725-1000 HP).

• Land drilling rigs of 160 - 600 tons load capacity (725-3000 HP).

• “Train”-type cluster drilling rigs of 160 - 450 tons load capacity (725-2000 HP).

• Drilling equipment sets.

• Drilling rigs units.

• Spare parts and consumables.

        The drilling rigs are completed with open-face derricks, top drive systems, AC variable frequency drive, Drillers cabin, hot air heating system, modern drawworks and pumps, mud systems with four- and five-step system of drilling muds cleaning and many other equipment, determining the best design of the drilling rigs, that eventually ensures their high technical and economic characteristics. But progress does not stand still, and to stay competitive, it is necessary to improve equipment manufactured today and to develop new products. The Holding implements large-scale projects on production of modern drilling equipment for individual orders.

        The main objective of the Holding is to fully meet current and future demands of the oil and gas industry for the drilling equipment taking into account the most serious requirements to engineering, quality, delivery times for this equipment, service maintenance, and to ensure leading positions for Russian manufacturers in the domestic market of drilling rigs.

       Since 2010,  “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” supplied more than 90  modern effective drilling rigs and drilling rig sets to the customers – Gazprom bureniye LLC, RN-Burenie LLC, OJSC VTB Leasing, OJSC “Surgutneftegas”, Investgeoservis CJSC, Orenburg Drilling Company, Servisnaya Burovaya Kompaniya LLC, Udmurtneft-Burenie LLC, OOO Burovoya Kompaniya Eurasia, ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVICE, CJSC “SSC”, ООО “Integra-burenie”, PО “Belorusneft”, “Turkmenneft”, “Turkmengaz” and others.

                Under the auspices of the Holding strategic partner – "Gazprombank" (Joint - stock Company), “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” performs an ambitious program of upgrading of the manufacturing facilities and engineering.


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